Infinity Blades

Hello guys,

I saw that the big balancing/improvement patch is out and I want to give the game a second shot, but I also don't want to invest much thought into it, as I'm not sure that there is still point in playing.

So having the above in mind can someone share with me a viable build for infinityblades... I did a fast one, but didn't put too much thought in it -

In terms of stats I put all my points in thoughness.

Also not sure if it's better to go health of energy shield.

As I transitioned from Bleeding Edge build I don't have much spell caster items, so I'm playing with random catalyst and sword - should I go for a staff... I have real problems with willpower generation.

Are there any Uniques that I need to keep an eye for.

Thanks in advance!

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Not sure on what is the best build is but this is what I am running Shadow Infinity Blades and I currently have no Issues with will power to the point that I can spam out Aether Jumps with out having to worry about it's cost in between fights if it only takes 4 or 5 casts to get to the next one. My staff generates 334 Willpower on hit currently. Heres my current build: . I would say I owe my ease of resource mostly to the resource related stats in my gems and gear rather than the gates though. Also I decided to go with health instead of energy shield since I am mainly wearing gear with health and resistance. You can do either or but I personally feel like the stats I needed for the build was more often in brusier or heavy armor than anything else. Crit damage is always good possible get it in your rings. Edit: I have no uniques on just fully suited in legendaries. I have not found a unique worth equipping yet except for the magic find belt. Uniques not having gem slots is a pretty big deal breaker considering they are a lot of stats.

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Created: 2 years, 1 month ago

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