Staff Mage Level 77 - Expeditions 148+ still developing - Bloodtrail

Hello guys,

This build has suited me from the start of the story mode and through the endgame (currently still developing this character).
I have seen a handfull of Staff only based builds and I have tried them out on my current character but I was somewhat disappointed. Please bare in mind that I am by no means an advanced player but I have played Wolcen since release in 2020 and I have loved every moment of it, Always stuck with a staff based character and I think that this is a great foundation for anyone who is in a similar position to me.

I am currently level 77 (still going) and quite easily go through expeditions of level 148+ - I am still not done with completing all the currently available expedition levels either.

This is my build:
When going against enemies, it's a medium to close range combat. I do rely on the 5th spell unlock for healing (great for companions too, I feel they're underrated!). Damage is done through Anomaly, Winter's Grasp for control and mainly using Solarflare (Shadow damage) and Consuming Embers (Shadow damage).

As to my gear, well, it's a work in process, as the build of my character is mainly around occult damage, I have heavily invested in Aether and Shadow damage to my gear (and attacks and spells). So my gear is a mix of Rare, Legendary and Unique items. I have recently been trying to focus on building some resitances with my gear too, I wont specify exactly what my gear is here but if you guys want to know, please comment and I will happily list it

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Hey, I'd be curious to know what you're doing with equipment. I've been building an elementalist. I just hit level 70 and I can do 115s comfortable (not mind-blowing, I know. :D) Have not yet tried to push it harder because I'm trying to figure out what to aim for with equipment. My main defense is Force Field. I'm trying to decide if and what I should aim for as a secondary line of defense. More Health, More Resists or Passive Dodge. Anyway, the build is very satisfying to play and I'm actually pretty happy with what I've put together. It's a ranged build, and a bit glassy (which is why I'm looking to shore up defenses. I have not yet specced into Thirst for Knowledge and Branded Burst (two defensive nodes) so that will probably help enormously, but I need about 10 more levels to do that without sacrificing damage.

Created: 2 years, 4 months ago

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