Game easier?

After starting Wolcen again after a pause of one month (when I was killed by the boss in the tavern) I had to reallocate the points - and finished Act 1 solo in no time.

Did it get easier? Because as far as I can tell there were problems with the final boss in another thread - and it was really easy for me to be honest although I didn't really pay attention in what I did - and the only legendary/higher (named - don't know what kind of items it is) item that dropped was not useful for my class.

thanks for reading and your opinion,

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Yes they made it easier because at release you have act 2 and 3 and they will be harder. they are still polishing might get a bit harder at the release.

Created: 3 years ago

The campaign is easier and globally we've worked to make a difficulty curve on the balancing. We don't want the campaign to be an obstacle to the end-game presently, so we figured it would be better to make it a bit more easy, while waiting for the difficulty modes planned for the release.

Created: 3 years ago

thanks for the answers :)
have a nice day

Created: 3 years ago

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