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I bought the game few days ago, enjoying it so far but I have hard time understanding the game mechanics. Is there somewhere a thread explaining the game mechanics, different damage types, how they work, how does agility/wisdom/toughness etc.etc. works, how crit chance/crit damage works, are there any soft caps, diminishing returns, damage multipliers, how does spell damage / melee damage work, how does the willpower to rage conversion work etc. etc. all those game mechanics details. Hopefully there is a thread somewhere explaining all this, Thanks in advance.

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Some stuff are already explained in-game, you can check your character sheet for more details, i hope this will help you:

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Hello Ctefanaki,

This is an hack and slash which is in beta for the moment, so if you want builds and way to play check out on Youtube.
If you want to learn by yourself I would say analyze all affixes which are in the game and which impact they have on every kind of spells.
This is to understand better how the game works and then you'll be able to create good build by yourself ;)


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