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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't post in Bugs/Issues, as it may just be me. I have recently started the game, about 6.5 hours in, I begin a character in an online game on Bloodtrail; I have had a few little niggles here and there but nothing game breaking, and am mostly enjoying the experience, but with just one issue - should the game be auto-saving anywhere, or saving when I quit? Because it isn't!

I don't expect to quit right in the middle of something and have it save for me, but I am talking about running a quest for a while, then discovering a new waypoint (which i would have thought a safe place to take a break), but if I then quit the game, I am finding that I have to start the quest all over again, no progress has been saved since completion of the last quest. So I have to do all the running about again, do the boss fights etc again, and I am having to make sure before I start anything that I will have time to see the quest right through to the end. Surely this isn't what is intended? Am I missing something? I had thought that as long as I had discovered another waypoint, then I should be able to see it again on the map when I log back in, but i don't, and the quest text on the screen has reverted back to the beginning again.

Any help/comments much appreciated

many thanks


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We just had a similar problem.
We started the game together and played co-op for like 5 hours and after leaving the party everyone got back at the first quest.

I've read on some reddit threads that it's due to players not starting at the same stage.

I don't know if that helps you but always good to know.

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Many thanks for the reply. That's interesting to hear, though it is slightly different from me, as i am playing solo at the moment.
Its weird because i was doing the quest to find the purifiers camp, which starts you off from the royal palace - after i had logged back in, the quest had disappeared and i was directed to the royal palace to seemingly start again.
However, this time the next step had changed to "find the smugglers' path", and i ended up with a totally different quest which ended with me fighting the cultist boss. So I'm still confused, and I've no idea how to get back to the original quest I was on!!!

Edit In fact, things are just getting worse. Having completed Chapter One, I have spent 30 mins into Chapter 2 before suddenly being kicked back to the main menu screen, only to find that I am now havingto play it all again because there was no save.

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Created: 3 years, 4 months ago

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