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I just saw the early access in Steam, so I was wondering if I should have access to the game yet? I just now created my account here, and linked my Kickstarter email & steam loggin to my account, but it didn't automatically give me the game in steam, or anything that I can tell... I kickstarter backed at "Warrior" level, which doesn't mention early access - so I guess my questions are:

1) Am I still waiting for the game to come fully out of the Alpha/Beta/EarlyAccess stage before I can receive the game? which is fine, i'm patient :)

2) if I should be gaining access now, I assume it has to be manually done? - just wondering as I'm not up to date on how this will work...

any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

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you bought the game during the kickstarter campaing, right?

if yes: you should got a key around march 2016.

if not: you have to buy the game via steam at first


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Warrior-pledge mentions a digital copy of the game.

If you have not received the game yet - get in touch with @Calistaen on Discord(

Or send an email to jessica(at) regarding your issue.

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I've replied to all Kickstarter messages and emails so far, so if you sent one and didn't receive an answer, please contact me directly at the email provided by Destiny just above :)

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