Question about damage on melee weapons

Fairly basic question but I can't find a good answer on these forums or in game.

I have two melee weapons, one is a 1h axe and the other is a 2h sword. According to the tooltip the 1h axe ought to deal similar raw damage but it deals significantly less. Here are the exact stats including the character window details but with nothing but the weapons equipped:

Character details:
56 ferocity
16 Toughness
21 Agility
6 Wisdom

War Axe Rare Superior
5-16 damage
6% material damage
5 rage generation
20% crit damage

29.7 DPS
10-32 weapon damage

Claymore Magic Reinforced
8-13 damage
2-3 rend damage
12% crit damage

43.9 DPS
24-39 damage
19-31 weapon
5-7 rend damage

The rend damage is only included for reference but the problem I have is with the weapon damage. The War Axe has a higher maximum damage by the exact same amount that it has less minimum damage but the claymore has 9 higher minimum damage and only 1 less maximum damage. That is not in any way represented in the weapons tooltip and I would like some help understanding. Also it would be great to have the tooltips mention whether the weapon is 1h or 2h but I can figure that out myself with a little trial and error.

None of the passives mention anything regarding being more effective with 2h weapons over 1h weapons so I'm wondering why the disparity between the different types of weapon and more importantly if there is something that will allow me to actually compare different weapon damages without equipping them as by the numbers I can't find any reason based on the tooltips the 2h weapon should be so much better than the 1h one. It makes sense the 2h weapon should deal more damage than the 1h weapon but that ought to be reflected in the tooltip in some way.

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Created: 4 years, 11 months ago

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