Question about summoner/necro type class

Anyone know if there will be one at launch? I have always liked the diablo 2 necro (I just want to forget about the D3 necro). I also like the PoE necromancer type character as well. Just wondering if there is one in the game yet or going to be one at release? The other type of character I like to play is a Monk(martial arts, blunt weapons or hand to hand). Just trying to figure out what I am going to play at launch. Thanks :)

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Currently the only "pet" skill is the turret, but they have announced it will be pet skills at launch, however they have not said anything about the nature of these skills to my knowledge.
The good thing about Wolcen is it's classless (no classes). If you want to change how you play ("class") you can simply change what weapons and skills you use. So in my opinion you should learn all the skills (atleast on your first character). Resetting talents and stats is also cheap.

So even if you play a ranger to endgame (or however long you want), you can do a 180 at any time, and go whatever you want, like full minion build.
You can also go whatever playstyle you want with minions. As an example, you can use two minion abilities, a mobility skill, a meele skills, a damage spell and a buff/debuff. Not saying this is the optimal setup, but you can build however you like.

Putting good gear pieces of different types in your stash is also recommended so you have gear for other builds you might change to.

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yes they have announced necro skills and skilltree stuff a while back ago, example a from news channel:
Born in decay, he made rot his trade, trailing armies of undead behind him and drawing his power from the agony of the masses.

Major node example:

You share a part of your soul with your minions. You lose X% of your Health/Force Shield and your minions take X% less damage.

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