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I really loved this game and I would like to try new things. However I have one question. What is the difference between using a staff vs a catalyst as a sorcerer? Staff has -% time from willpower to rage and catalyst has +% time. I am having a hard time understanding what that really means. If anyone can explain, I would be most glad.

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if I understand it correctly (haven't used a catalyst myself) the staff lowers the time needed to transfer willpower to rage, because as a staff user you have no need for rage other than to regenerate willpower. And now the rage is quicker available.

A catalyst, on the other hand, is used with a 1 handed weapon. That enables you to use some skills that use rage. If the time needed to transfer willpower to rage would be the same, you could just alternate between the two resources and two skills. That would have a huge advantage over those using just a Staff or just a weapon with rage skills.

So in other word: its for balancing. That's at least my understanding. If someone else has an other explanation please share!

Cheers :)

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So if I understand it correctly, then you could use a catalyst with 4 willpower skills and you'd benefit greatly from it compared to a staff? If it's only to balance usage of rage skills, it must accidentally benefit only sorcerer skills a lot?

Thanks for your explanation :)


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If my understanding is correct, not really. "+ time" means it takes more time, "- time" means it takes less time to transfer the Willpower over to the Rage. So with a catalyst you effectively receive a delay on the resource transfer and it takes longer for the Willpower to be available again. So it would not make much sense to use a catalyst unless you also want to use some rage skills or have something like a wand that balances out this effect. Using a Catalyst and only Willpower skills would also create a Problem with your generation of Willpower if you don't have Rage skills, since there is no one handed weapon that generates Willpower when you attack, if my memory serves right.

Cheers :)

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Using willpower skills builds rage, using rage skills builds will power.

A Staff facilitates the fast movement of rage to willpower, while the catalyst promotes slower rage decay so that you can use rage skills.

I have played around with a Staff mage and a Pistol/Catalyst mage so far and I'm not really sure which one I prefer. I am leaning towards the Pistol/Catalyst only because I can maintain a more consistent attack compared to mage-only where I am a slave to slow will regen and limited Will potion regen.

Essentially I burn enemies with Annihilation and Electricity until I am out of will, then switch to Pistol-based attacks until rage is depleted, then back to Will based attacks.

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I think the continous atks from rage and willpower seems to be pretty fun.

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

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