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Content Patch 1: new release date

Calistaen [Wolcen Staff] Wolcen Official

Hello everyone,

Just a quick news to keep you updated as promised. Following our last testing on Content Patch 1, we have decided to postpone its release to June 26, 2019. We still have very important bugs to fix and we want to address these issues before releasing the game.

Considering the bad reviews on the Gameplay Beta, we also want this new content to be as polished as possible so you can have a good experience. That is why we need a bit more time to make it right for everyone.

Of course, we will continue to share information about Content Patch 1 in the next days.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Created: 1 week ago

Category: Official news

1 week ago


Take the time you need to make it gangsta!

5 days, 23 hours ago


Pelase make this game hard to play not for nooby noobs nooblish

5 days, 19 hours ago


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4 days, 21 hours ago


Take the time you need to make it gangsta!

book_of_Joshua Original Comment

sortie du jeu normalement le 13 juin puis reporté au 26 juin ....je désespère de ne pas le voir un jour ....

4 days, 21 hours ago


Just make it right, who cares when it will come!? We want it in the best form what you can make with a lot of content. It have to be hard, challenging, with a lot of playing hours.


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4 days, 20 hours ago


Haha deleting comments now , why? Because im saying the truth , that you guys just keep lying to us and this game has been in the making for so long and changed 1000 times , ******************** u charge so much for a non complete game promising new content to be released soon but only postpone it , this game will never release fully it will remain in alpha forever with this team im sure of it. ( Btw im taking pictures of my comments here and posting them on steam and reddit so everyone can see that you delete comments that say the truth or criticize you ).

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4 days, 14 hours ago


Last comment didnt contain insults , i just said ************** and is lying to us for years which is the truth and i dont think it falls under an insult when its the truth and i know i lot of people agree with me , just check recent steam reviews of the game. And I repeated them on my last comment but you didnt touch it , maybe u rly dont want people to see that u cant take criticism huh?

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