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Wolcen in game landscape art

Meet the team !


Have you ever wondered who are the people behind Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem ? Well today we’d like you to meet them !

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is made in Nice, France by a team of 13. People came from all over the country to be a part of the team, and all the available space is now filled in the office !
Our office is sectioned in three main parts :



Simon is our lighting and environment artist. Thanks to his mastery of CryEngine and his experience in cinema, he has been able to fill the landscape with a moody atmosphere and beautiful vistas.

Alexandre is our concept artist. He is responsible for the the general look and feel of the game. Every character, prop and environment has been imagined and drawn by him first, so 3D artist have a base to work form. He ensures the game world is consistent, visually interesting and feels lived-in.

Jérome is our second environment artist. He has created a lot of the new architectural assets that will come with our new open world, and has significantly improved our dungeons architecture too. Plus, he’s a really nice person.

Kevin, our trainee, creates weapons and various props for our environments.



Daniel Dolui, our CEO and overlord. He his the man who created Wolcen, assembled the team and made the first Hack and Slash on CryEngine. He coded most of the original system that are in the game on his own. He is also writing the story and lore of the game.

Hadrien is our gameplay and rendering programmer. He has been responsible for implementing major gameplay features like the Passive Skills Tree, Active Skills Trees and our new Quest System, plus many underlying systems related to item affixes, monster characteristics and other minor elements that when combined add depth to the game. He also coded rendering features, like our advanced weapon trails system.

Alternate gameplay modes like Housing, Dungeon Challenge or Daily Dungeon have been handled by Lucas. He is also in charge of implementing our User Interface elements. From the new character sheet to item tooltip comparisons, he does it all. Subsystems like online elements are his thing too.

Axel is the newest addition to the programming team. He already made his mark with the on-the-ground items auto-rearranging and is currently working on the Arena system.

Finally, there’s me. I’m Alan, the resident game-designer and community manager. I’m writing most of the articles that you can read on our websites and on steam, and I’m doing it right now. And yes, I do read every message on our main forums, even If I can’t always respond.
I’m also in charge of designing and balancing the core gameplay elements of the game. Player and monster skills, items characteristics, loot drops, game modes, and various other gameplay features are put on virtual paper here before getting implemented.



Patrick is our character artist. He makes highly detailed monsters and humans for the game, from modeling to integration in the engine. He also oversees global art direction, making sure that every visual element of the game fits together in harmony.

Benjamin is the artist who creates weapons and armors for the characters, and helps with environments when necessary. He also really likes Goblins.

Quentin is our animator. He takes care of every player and monster animations in the game. He often films himself with Alexandre for references, which often looks quite funny.

Finally, Victor is our latest trainee. He’s making characters with the help of Patrick.





In the coming weeks we’ll take an in-depth look at each person’s personal workflow and duties, and we’ll explain in detail how specific elements of the game are made from start to finish.
Don’t hesitate to ask us questions ! We’re available here and on the Steam forums. We’re also chatting with the community on the Wolcen Discord server.

Thank you for your support !

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