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Upcoming patch Guns and Maleficient Fate


Hello everyone !

We made it real. Guns will be available ! Faster than crossbows and very stylish, you will be able to experiment different play styles with them.





Gun and melee weapon:


As you can see, while wielding a gun and a melee weapon, the base attack is a melee combo, but shift-clicking will allow to attack at range.

Guns and shield will not be available at the moment but we plan to add this possibility in a future patch.

We’ve also improved the way combos are handled. Gun combos can extend their combo by playing the last attack in a loop. The number of times this attack can be triggered is now a gameplay element, and can be increased by items and skills.
With time, every combo animation will be improved and added with a final loop attack.
Also, each combo style will have a stackable bonus for each consecutive hit (like bonus damage per hit, attack speed per hit, etc.). We hope that this will add a real incentive to extend combos.


The Maleficient is a willpower build allowing characters to curse and dot with shadow and poison. But that’s not all ! The Maleficient can also use cadavers of their enemies to perform devastating attacks, as long as these corpses are usable for him.

This allows us to introduce the cadaver mechanics which will be used as well for the necromancer :
– Each time you kill an enemy, you will have a chance to “drop” a cadaver
– That chance can be increased with passives and items















Beware though, you will not be the only one who can interact with them. In the future, even monsters will be able to use theses cadavers.

Amongst other passive skills available in the Wheel of Fates, the Maleficient also has its own signature skills : Contagion and Nightcrawler.
Contagion creates a toxic area around the player, which depletes umbra over time. It can also contaminate cadavers :


Nightcrawler fires a shadow projectile that consumes cadavers along the way, exploding at the end. The damage of the explosion depends on the amount of cadavers absorbed by Nightcrawler :


And that is all for today ! We hope that you enjoyed today’s Devblog and that you are as enthusiastic as we are on the incoming patch.

See you soon for new announcements !

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Created: 1 year, 6 months ago

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