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Update 0.3.4a: New merchant UI and fixes !


Hi everyone !

Here’s a surprise update with a few fixes and a feature that we managed to wrap up just before
The merchant UI has been overhauled and he now only has one copy of each item in stock. In a future update we’ll add more features like stock refreshing over time, and improved item stocks and prices. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas !




* Fixed: Naked characters.

* New: Overhauled Merchant UI

* Fixed: Ghouls won’t be able to fall anymore in the Driller’s arena

* Fixed: @ui_vignettingTT (text_ui_menu.xml) wasn’t localized.

* Modified: Ghouls now have a stun cooldown.
* Modified: The merchant now has only one copy of each item in stock.
* Fixed: A bug preventing Crossbow hits to apply “Life On Hits” affixes.
* Fixed: A bug during Damage calculation of high-level items.

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Created: 2 years, 8 months ago

Category: Official news

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