Patch 0.2.8 : Female character !


Patch 0.2.8 : Female character !

Hi everyone!
Today we are happy to present you the female character!
It was a stretch goal during our kickstarter, and one of the most demanded feature, so here is a small video presenting her, and her customization options:

This update comes with lots of fixes and improvements, including localization for weapons and armors, and some some new cool weapons

Some of the upcoming weapons

Here is the full changelog:

New: Female character !
You can now customize your character with following options :
Skin color
Morphology using 5 parameters : Fat, Muscular, Thin, Skinny and Bust
6 haircuts with customizable colors
11 eyes preset
Fixed: Mouse double click ignored
Fixed: Various rare issues that would override player’s character customization options
Improved: Character list & character selection camera
Modified: The location of the saves is now in “User/savegames/”
Improved: Performances improvement related to skill use & damages
New: Localization for Weapons and Armors!


Improved: Greatly improved visual quality of Mountain Cave architecture
Improved: Rendering of character selection
Improved: deleted annoying vegetation
Fixed: the prefab in the oblivion dungeon
Fixed: reconnect navmesh at the driller location
Fixed: Playerlight not disabled when going to character list from a dungeon


New: Female character !
Improved: feet of player entering in the ground in the menu
Improved: Butcher behavior
Improved: Spider behavior


New: Animations for new character female


New: Exit to desktop (community suggestion)
New: Match hair & beard colors (community suggestion)
Improved: Slightly modified the appearance of the loot
Fixed: A bug where magic trails weren’t going all the way along the weapon. It also should fix a few visual artifacts with dynamic weapon trails.
Fixed: Rare bug where the equipment wouldn’t morph according to player’s morphology
Fixed: Rare save rollback
Improved: small adjustments on the main resource HUD
Improved: The Innkeeper is now displayed on the minimap
Improved: New way to show the framerate


New: Cool weapons
Fixed: amulets and rings that increase Power now modify your current Umbra value and not just your max value.
Fixed: Crash when player reaches level 30
Modified: the way loot is balanced and calculated
Modified: the way magic affixes are rolled, and their level calculated
Fixed: Dungeon keeper not appearing at the beginning of the last quest
Fixed: Bug with the luthor’s quest


Improved: The localization files are now splitted into different .xml for better editing. They will be internally cleaned and organized in the future.
New: Localization for Weapons and Armors.
Fixed: English typos
Fixed: Missing strings EN / FR.
Thanks again for all the community translations!


Known issues:
-There is still white flashes at the end of the first cave
-The player can get stuck, you can use the “stuck” command in the console if it happens
-Some animations are slow down

As we modified the location of the save (this was necessary) and changed a lot of things, the saves are wiped again, sorry 🙁

We are working on a very exciting game-changing feature, and we can’t wait to present it to you! See you soon on the next update!

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