Technical Beta: Phase 2 is live!


Technical Beta: Phase 2 is live!

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Hello everyone!

Phase 2 is now available, let’s see all the nice additions we made for this new testing phase. I also want to share a bit of future acts progression, and invite you to share your questions and vote for the next video.

General information regarding T-Beta Phase 2

Is it representative of the Beta or the final game?
No. The Technical Beta has limited content on purpose and doesn’t reflect the Beta or the final game. Everything you will experience is still a work in progress.

What are we testing?
For this phase, our technical focus will be on the stability of the 14 international servers and on the ability to join a pending game with your friends. These 14 servers are spread to ensure that everyone throughout the world can have a low latency, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have latency issues and specify your region.

How long will the TB-2 be available?
The servers are open from November 22nd to December 6th, 2018.

How can I install the Technical Beta?
1. Go to your Library and right click on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem to choose the “Properties” menu.

2. Choose the Beta tab on your menu, and select the Beta branch.

How do I report the bugs and crashes?
Wolcen now has a crash reporter so you don’t need to send us your crash reports anymore. However, if you encounter a bug, please let us know on this forum[/url].

Is matchmaking already available?
Not yet. We’re still working on this feature.

Phase 2 content

All the content from Phase 1 will be available, except for the cave dungeon that we replaced with a graveyard architecture from the Necropolis.

You can take a look at Phase 1 content here and here

New weapons
Shields, two-handed axes, daggers, and pistols come back in the game. Although shield and gun combination is not available for this phase, all other weapon combinations will work.

Tank armor
Along with the shields, you will also be able to loot the new tank armor!

All previous TB1 content still available, including uniques. Since we’re adding new weapons and combinations, it only seemed fair that we add more uniques to go with it! Here are some of them, and more can be found in the game:

Quintet of Sundowns (Shield)

Edgy (Two-handed Axe)

Goremaker, Shard of the Red Mountain (Dagger)

As told at the beginning of the news, you will now be able to join a pending game, see your friend list and invite your friends in your group while you’re playing. In addition to this option, creatures are now scaled depending on the number of players in the group.

New creatures
We’re adding three specialists and one champion for this phase. The Beta Spitter, the Beta Screecher, the Animated Martyr and the Sadistic Thug will be joining the party!

Additional skills
4 skills are added in this version, and each of them has 4 Active Skill Tree options to improve efficiency.

Annihilation is the ancient Gaze of Ot-mah. This spell allows you to cast a channeled umbra ray to decimate your enemies.

Bulwark of Dawn is a new spell allowing you to heal yourself and your friends.

Arctic Spear if the ancient Frost lance, its mechanics have been improved.

Arrow Wail allows you to cast a rain of arrows on your foes.

The Archivist returns
The Archivist is waiting for you in Nowhere, he no longer sells skill books but Enneracts. Enneracts allow you to learn spells or skills, you can also sell them to the Archivist in exchange for Primordial Affinity. Primordial Affinity allows you, through the Archivist, to gain skill levels of your choosing.

Special thanks!

A lot of players are currently working on various localization and we already have additional languages to propose for this Phase 2. Many thanks to CoTTo from, Vatjjar, Rindow, Alk0zAuruS and Destiny for their help on the German, Finnish, Japanese and Russian localization!

If you wish to contribute, don’t hesitate to join our localization topic to see what is currently in progress.

Future Act preview

Our teams continue to work both on the Beta and on future acts. Here is a quick preview of the environments we’re currently working on:


Q&A for the next video!

Some of you asked for a Q&A on various topics regarding Wolcen and our company. We would like to answer them in our next video.

I’m going to centralize the questions on our Discord server and allow you to vote for them on the channel #ask_the_devs. The questions will be gathered on this thread [THREAD LINK ON STEAM] and with the help of our community fansites.

Once the questions are on the channel, you will be able to vote for them with a thumb up, and the questions that will receive the more votes will be answered in our next video.

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    <span style=”font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; line-height: 24px; widows: 1;”>your game couldn’t be created,please try again later</span>




    Hello, I am a Chinese player. I bought our beta game in the steam in China. I started the game in the alpha test, but I have been unable to enter the game in the latest beta2.

    I tried to connect to a proxy for the US VPN and set the language to English.

    The pop-up window always shows: ” Your game could’t be created , please try again later.” agin,agin,and gain.

    I really love this game, I hope to solve the connection problem in mainland China as soon as possible. At present, I still can’t enter the game.



    I  get the same issue here in eastern Canada” Your game couldn’t be created, please try again later”. I attempted several times with the exact same results.



    Same issue here, Your game couldn’t be created, please try again later . I believe they are aware of the situation.



    For me (Germany) it was working on Friday and Saturday.

    I personally ahd the feeling, that it was not running as stable as T1, but nevertheless I really liked it.



    I got the issue too. How can I play the game? Thanks



    Hi All,

    The Can’t create Game Error is resolved now I believe . I was able to play the Game . It was absolutely stunning and mind blowing .. Great Visuals .

    The Game is very polished now .I did not feel any lag or any Crashes .

    The Downside though is ,it has very little to test . Spells have become very expensive and cannot play as a full Mage .

    Bring Back the Fire,Ice,Lightning and Umbra staff from Alpha . Those are the ones that made me really hook up to this game .

    Only a Archer Build cold play very smoothly as off now ,The melee and the Mage Builds are very difficult to Play .





    Hello, ping from South Africa seems to be around 200ms guessing EU server, any plans for a server closer? loving the game btw.



    Hi Team ,

    I am facing the ‘Unable to Create the Game .Please Try again Later ” error again from Yesterday .

    I was able to play the game only for 1 day . Please fix your Server Issues ASAP .

    Location : India

    My Ping is usually around 25 to 30 ms





    ok so i started the beta tech phase 2 today as single player.

    thats the list of bugs i encounter so far:

    1. constantly jumping screen while beeing in dungeon

    2.AoE skills sometimes doesn’t do damage to mobs

    3.two handed mele weapons should have way much better rage ganaretion

    4. character randomly gets stuck while fighting cousing it to glich

    5. when i pressed return to menu after dying crashed my game (happened to me once didn’t test that more times)

    6.when used jumping attack skill on group of mobs my character got ported to a lower floor (happened to me only one time)

    i did try only melee character so far 2-handed melee weapons are not a way to go unless your gear is all about critical hit chance and going full agility will have to test that.

    2x swords are a bit better but when u push your attack speed and crit rate and damage way better rage generator than 2-handed melee.

    sword x dagger unlocks another melee aoe skills and it gives a smooth gaming experience

    dual daggers the best of all those options basicly unending rage generator with high attack speed you can basicly go pure glass cannon.

    tested with legendary weapons and rings




    I was hoping if you would be able to elongate the time frame of the technical beta 2. I get paid the 7th, the day after it ends, and will be buying it myself. It looks great and I would love to try it before you end up officially releasing it. Please do extend it at the very least the weekend if you could?

    Thanks in advance for the consideration,




    Hey wolcen devs! New wolcen player here, I bought your game awhile back to help support the creation and now ive came back to test the game again, First off ide like to say that everything was quite impressive compared to last time i tried the game :). Ive done two playthroughs of phase 2 and I have some suggestions. However, im not entirely sure on everything this game has to offer yet so some things i suggest might contradict or be repetitive to your guys already existing content. A little about myself I have been a pc gamer since age 9-10 ish and im 27 now, I have played dozens of ARPGS and MMOS, I have always been a huge blizzard fan with the diablo and WoW franchise. However blizzard and activision are very disappointing these days and i dont think they have the skill or passion to produce anything like Diablo 2LoD or WoW the burning crusade ever again. I see great things with your  game and so i feel that i wanted to try to help. So with that being said I will start off with some of the things that i think should be changed/fixed while playing through your game (There isnt much, Great game so far!) and then some suggestions about stuff ide like to see in the game, like i said earlier you may already have these type of things or different versions of them but i just wanted to make sure that i atleast could suggest some stuff that will likely help your success.

    Changes/fixes to current:

    1. Inventory – Certain cases allow you to not swap a item because it cannot fit, that makes sense, however i suggest making it so that if you go to swap it, if it cant fit let us pick it up and place it where we want to put it in the inventory.

    2. Add Health/resource bar option for above your character so you can monitor it easily, its hard to keep track of and sometimes ide just die randomly cause i took heavy dmg but wasnt constantly lookin down at my health globe every 2 seconds because im trying to dodge mechanics etc, maybe even add a red flash border around the screen as well when your in fatal range.

    3. Skill cooldowns/charge up animation, some of this is okay and fun and idk how every spell will work in the game but i think to some extent we should be able to spam abilities other than like big dmg/survival type cooldown things. Like for example the stings of krearion, its already gated by resource to limit its use somewhat i dont feel that spells like that should have windups or launch times. But that isnt too important and i guess its up to your guys vision and how you want the combat to work. Btw I love how combat feels in this game so far very cool!

    4. Make more ways to generate resource like generator spells and gear mods, idk if this is in already or will be, I just dont think spamming rage/umbra potions too often will make for a rewarding gameplay and i know auto attacks generate resource but auto attacks arent very interesting.

    5. Add offhand items to assist bows/wands etc like quivers and orbs or whatnot, just like a shield to a sword, again idk maybe there is these in the game i just never found or saw anything in the phase2 beta.

    Future content/Suggestions: (Things ide like to see in the game and that I think will help make it a huge success) again idk what you guys have planned or what is already being created so bare with me 🙂

    1. A games list to join peoples games – Ex: Trading, exp runs, farming, dungeons etc. Social aspects are huge in video games

    2. Unique events – Ex: Get item a+b+c to access a certain boss that gives a special item etc. things like this were always cool in games

    3. Expanding on social aspects from #1 – Ex: Player chat, Trade chat, Lobbies any kind of stuff where people get to engage with each other more

    4. Good endgame content – we need alot of good replayability, farming gear for builds, special runs for xp, Interesting Boss fights, Make reaching max level take a long time and a huge goal to achieve like 99 in diablo2, you can still pwn hard at a high lvl but theres that super hard to get to prestigious level. Fun PvP like dueling etc, doesnt have to be rated or competitive just something extra thats enjoyable to do. and again make all these types of things rewarding for teaming up with ppl like you get more exp or can use multiple builds to have a easier time doing a boss etc.

    5. Currency and Trading!! have special items that people use for things that everyone wants and you can trade it for gear / help etc. Ex: Chaos orbs in PoE or High Runes in D2 etc. Trading is important because it allows the player to accumulate X currency and eventually buy the special items they need to make a build work. and If some dont like that then they can go the self found root. most people like to trade and buy and sell, your not gonna find every item you need, thats just how rng is, but if i can sell something i dont need to someone who does and then buy the stuff i do need that becomes extra end game content.

    6. Customization and Diversity – One of the huge downfalls of alot of games now a days is you have no choices of how to make things unique/different. everyone is dumbing down their content and making things so there is only 1 or 2 ways to play. Do as much as you can to make the player have alot of choices, just dont make it too complex that noone will understand it.

    7. Loot – cool appearances, fun bonuses, lots of good items to use not just one weapon or armor > all others

    Now for my last 2 most important suggestions to you guys as someone who i believe has alot of experience and knowledge of these games and what goes over well with players.

    1. Microtransactions – People want to pay to support games they love, however people dont enjoy pay 2 win elements because it wrecks the achievement of investing time to get somewhere in the game and also someone paying real $ can be the best over someone who spends alot of time playing. I reccomend putting in cosmetics and stuff that makes players gain unique things but doesnt effect gameplay  Ex: Portraits, Pets, Glows, Auras, Wings etc. The reason i suggest this is because your not forcing players to pay, but they will choose to and the reason they choose to is because your game will be great annnnnnd we all want new content, patches etc and that costs time and mainly money. But people understand this and want this. If you sell your game for 60$ and add nothing for you to keep making money, you cant make new content and then the game gets old and stale.

    2. Communication and consideration – Players wanna know whats happening with things, communicate as much as you can to let people know whats up with the game, content, patches etc. Silence from a game company is the hugest fail possible, people dont care if they have to wait a year or 2 for a expansion they just wanna know that, some will be ungrateful and pissy etc but most will respect and appreciate your communication. Also another huge thing is listening to your playerbase, ultimately its your game and you decide the vision and goals of it etc but the people that spend endless hours playing your game also have a good say in things. Take all suggestions and ideas into consideration. Some ideas are bad, some are good and that comes from both ends of it but if we all work together we can make a game everyone loves and sinks endless hours into.


    Anyways thats alot to say i know and alot of it was off topic of the actual beta test, But i see huge potential in this game and i wanted to give all i could for advice/ideas at this time to help you guys in your future release of what i hope to be the best ARPG to date! Good luck with everything and i hope to be hopelessly addicted to this game as much as i was Diablo2 LoD or World of Warcraft. Also Merry Christmas 🙂




    Hi Team,


    I have made a forum post about Latency issues for my Region (South Africa) and was not sure if it was posted in the correct place, so i will link it here for better exposure.

    Latency on the servers


    Thank you



    The Unable to create Game Error still Exists . I am not sure what you guys are fixing out there . I was able to hardly play the game for one day . Very poor response from the team .



    it’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums here.
    But I just wanted to say that the game is already incredibly fun with the very limited amount of  skills available in the tech beta 2.
    I really can’t wait for the full list of skills, the apocalyptic mode, the story and map!
    There is so much of what I have always wanted from an Action RPG in this, my only complaint is a bit of latency with some of the boss/large enemy attacks. The chain grab pulls me a second after i see the chains get pulled in and so on. But it is to be expected from early server testing. I hope to get a true taste of the combat lag free. and for the most part I have.

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