Update 0.3.3 : New item tooltips, progress bar, new sounds and more !


Update 0.3.3 : New item tooltips, progress bar, new sounds and more !

Hi everyone !

Update 0.3.3 is now available for you to enjoy !
The team has worked hard to provide quality of life improvements to the game. You’ll see a new item tooltip UI. Comparing items will be easier than ever !



There is a progress bar when charging an attack, teleporting to town or learning a spell.

Many new sound effects have been added to weapon hits, so melee combat should sound more visceral form now on !
As usual, we’ve packed bug fixes and balance improvements.
And finally, we’ve made huge improvements to the way our files are packed, so this update only weighs around 1,5Gb !

Here’s the complete changelog for the update, have fun !

* Modified: Since a few alterations have been made to the organization of the Tree, we had to reset your progression.

* Improved: More visual variety for the Orc Brutes.
* Fixed: The ambient player light was disabled by default
* Improved: svoTI DiffuseBias in the Passive Skills Tree, to have the exact same render with and without GI
* Fixed: Shadow quality was set to low at startup

* New: Interaction progression bar for book learning, teleporting back to town and charged attacks
* New: Generic popup window to display messages and errors (brace for error 37)
* New: New item details and items comparison UI. Numerous bug related to the old UI have been fixed.
* Fixed: Magic Find was sometimes wrongly displayed in the Character Sheet.
* Fixed: ROS Delimitation Bars were sometimes showing a little at the center of the UI when not using skills
* Fixed: Pressing the worldmap shortcut on the character list/customization screen twice displayed the in-game UI.
* Fixed: Pressing the “Next” arrow button on the dialog menu could cause the player to move in certain resolutions, causing the dialog to abort
* Modified: Important numbers in Passive Skills tooltips are now colored in white.
* Modified: 7 new .pak dedicated to UI for smaller patches
* Modified: The durability have been removed from the UI as it has no effect in the game yet
* Improved: Icons weapon size and quality
* Improved: UI Z-order using layer system

* Improved: Lighting quality of some windows in Very High Quality (shadows)
* Improved: UI images compression, size divided by 3 for the same quality

* New: Melee, impact, and gore sounds for every weapon. Still WIP

* Fixed: When you changed character from a dungeon or when it rains, not everything was reinitialized.
* Improved: Adjustments on the time of day and the fog
* Improved: Optimization of some dungeons, improving loading times and performance


* Fixed: “Cannot replace default skills” string was not localized.
* Fixed: “Saturation” string in the character customization was not localized
* New: Weapons types are now localized.
* New: Potions types are now localized.
* New: Potions, Ingredients, Gems and Tomes are now localized.
* Community localization updates

* New: Six new daggers.
* New: Six new belts.
* New: Two new amulets.
* New: Two new rings.
* Modified: Harvester and Prosecutor weapons will now drop as legendaries.
* Modified: Item Gold Values have been revamped and are now function of the Item itself, its type, level, rarity, quality, durability and affixes number and power. It will take a little time to balance gold and price curves.
* Modified: Item now sell for approximately 1/13 of their Gold Value, instead of 1/20.
* Modified: Increased average health of enemies per level.
* Modified: Amulets and Rings shouldn’t drop before level 4 now.
* Modified: Removed damage penalty for dual wield’s final hit of the combo.
* Modified: Tweaked Combo Cleave Angles to better match attack animations.
* Modified: Removed Armor Efficiency from the templar boots.
* Modified: Slightly raised drop chance of gloves.
* Modified: Balanced Default Gameplay values : Base Critical Chance and Spell Critical Chance, Critical Chance per Dexterity point, Spell Critical Chance per Power point, Critical Damage per Strength point, Movement Speed per Dexterity point.
* Modified: Reduced base Bleeding Damage per stack at High level.
* Modified: Critical Damage percent affix has been tweaked and now only rolls and rare or legendary weapons.
* Modified: Cleave Factor is now set on a per-weapon basis, based on the weapon’s sharpness.
* Modified: Tweaked weapon ranges to better match their visual.
* Modified: Removed damage per level on some combos.
* Modified: Removed Armor Efficiency from capes.
* Modified: Decreased base Health of the Skeleton Overlord.
* Modified: Brutal Strike now drops at level 6.
* Modified: Increased health pool of butchers, vomitters, orc champions and skull crushers.
* Modified: Added some armor to most orcs.
* Modified: Removed base damage point that was added to all melee attacks.
* Modified: Increased spell damage per power point.
* Modified: Decreased drop chance of accessories and potions.
* Fixed: Daggers now have 7% armor piercing by default instead of 50%.

* New: Gold Find affix (rolls on amulets, rings, belts and gloves).
* Modified: The “All attributes” affix should not roll on magical items anymore.
* Modified: Decreased amount of attributes points given by affixes.
* Modified: Decreased amount of Thorns given by affixes.
* Modified: Various balance changes to affixes.

* Modified: Decreased Brutal Strike transfer time.
* Modified: Decreased Chain Lightning damage per level.
* Modified: Added a transfer time to weapon special attacks.
* Modified: Whirlwind’s rate of fire has been increased.
* Modified: Whirlwind’s transfer time has been decreased.
* Modified: Whirlwind now deals 80% weapon damage.
* Fixed: Dual Daggers Rend does not do damage based on maximum health anymore. It now inflicts a static amount of bleed damage per second.


* New: 2 new skills in the Assassin section.

* Modified: Hard Punch has been rebalanced.

* Modified: Moved Range Mastery and Offensive Roll, in order to have a more generic central path that can be enjoyed by almost all play-styles.
* Modified: Perfect Dodge is now called Gifted and works for Block as well as Dodge.
* Modified: Gifted, Close Hunt, Concussive Dash, Range Mastery and Evasion Extended have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Swapped Counter-Shot and Path to Betrayal.
* Modified: Swapped Artery Slicing and Gifted.
* Modified: A new exit link has been added at the end of the “Ranged” branch of the section, so that access to the third ring can be done through each branch.
* Modified: Exit link in the “Dash” branch is no more made through Offensive Mobility, but through Lethal Strikes.

* New: Fracture skill, which lower your enemy’s Resistances on Critical Strike, very useful against Elites and Bosses.
* New: Perforation skill, which increases your Armor Piercing on Critical Strikes, useful against well protected foes.
* Modified: Mercyless now also works on Bleeding enemies, not just Poisoned ones.
* Modified: Swapped Mercyless and Surgeon.
* Modified: Swapped Furtivity and Dual Daggers Mastery.
* Modified: Mercyless, Surgeon, Assassination, Chained Executions, Deadlier Poison, First Strike, Unexpected Trouble and Venom have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Deadlier Poison and Venom have been moved away from the central path.

* Modified: Wide Reach and Heavy Strike have been rebalanced.

* Modified: Offensive Protection, Elemental Regeneration, Muscularity, Iron Health and Rooted have been rebalanced.

* Modified: Protective Gear, Inner Shield and Heavy Armor Mastery have been rebalanced.

* Modified: Vulnerable Opening has been rebalanced.

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