Update 0.4.1 : New spells, new shields, force-move and more !


Update 0.4.1 : New spells, new shields, force-move and more !

Hi everyone !

While the team is heavily focused on building the world and quests for update 0.5, work has continued toward improving other aspects of the game.
This update adds new spells and items to the game, and adds the highly requested force-move key !

Use Conflagration to ignite your foes by throwing fire from the tips of your fingers. You can even use both hands !
Thunderbolt will throw electric orbs that will damage anyone who stands in their path. With the right upgrade, they can fire electric arcs and even explode !
Holy Dive makes a return and now inflicts sacred damage. Fall from the skies and smite your enemies at the landing point !
Disruption also makes a comeback with its own modifiers. Use your powers to plant umbral bombs that will detonate after a few seconds !

We’ve also added a new combo for shielded combat, and to go with that ten new shields can now drop from monsters. This only the first pass at shielded combat, as we are working on shield-specific skills with unique mechanics that will boost survivability while offering offensive options for players.

You can find all the various fixes and tweaks added by update 0.4.1 in the changelog below. As for us, we’re continuing work on update 0.5. Have fun !

Changelog :

  • Force Move has been added ! Use control-click to move to the cursor position. Force move will be added in the keybinding menu in a later update.
  • Four new spells have been added !
  • New Shields ! Shield gameplay is currently being reworked, but in the meantime we add 10 new shields to the game for a total of 13.
  • Once the effect of a skill or a attack is triggered, you can now interrup the animation and move freely
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by elemental Storms
  • Small optimizations related to CryEngine .lua entities scripts
  • Optimizations on dismembered parts.
  • Lightning strike arcs are now properly attached to caster hands
  • The PST textures should now preloads correctly
  • Bladeslinger’s tooltip window now displays the spell’s cooldown timer.
  • A new option in the Game settings allow you to disable tutorial messages.
  • Player and NPC Footstep and surface type sounds overhauled.
  • Player death and respawn sounds.
  • Umbral Blast skill sounds.
  • Laceration skill sounds.
  • Fireball skill sounds.
  • Potion item ‘use’ sound.
  • Replaced obsolete assets with new ones
  • Corrected a typo.
  • Added missing french localization string for the Gothic Belt.
  • Shield attacks now use a 4-hit combo with new animations.
  • Umbra and Rage pools have been increased to 1000 points. This is allow for a much finer and granular control of resource costs.
  • Skill costs have been modified to accommodate for the above change.
  • The dual daggers combo does not give additional open wound stacks, this is now a random affix.
  • Fixed SpellDamage affix and a few SpellDamage Passive skills not working properly.
  • The Orc Warlock has learned to cast explosive glyphs on the ground.
  • The ghoul should not inflict long open wounds.
  • The health and damage output of the Ghoul has been decreased.
  • Chests now release their loot in front of them, not regarding your position.
  • Resource points and spell critical chance points given by Power points have been decreased.
  • Decreased the health bonus of Dungeon Bosses.
  • Decreased health and damage of the Stalkers.
  • The damage output of the Ogre has been modified.
  • Fixed the final lightning staff combo not inflicting weapon damage.
  • Chests not giving loot should be fixed.
  • Improved enemies under mouse cursor detection
  • Heavy armor now decreases Dexterity.
  • Leg pieces now have 15% armor efficiency, lowering average efficiency to 65%.
  • Ten new shields have been added into the game.
  • Blue items now always roll with at least one suffix.
  • The range of many affixes has been tweaked to add more variety.
  • New Life on Kill affix.
  • New Rage on Kill affix.
  • Resource-related affixes have been adjusted to accommodate the news resource pools.
  • Attack Speed will now roll some light armor pieces, axes and crossbows.
  • Fixed Steel Right Pauldron not having default affixes.
  • Gothic Armor pieces now have heavy armor default affixes in addition to its default affixes.
  • Rage conservation percent affix can now roll on weapons and armors.
  • Physical Damage should not roll on staves anymore.
  • Open Wound stacks bonus can now roll on daggers, axes and swords.
  • Decreased the amount of physical resistance given.


      • Added to the game. Shoot fire from the palms of your hands!


      • Added to the game. These orbs of electricity inflict damage while passing through enemies.

Holy Dive

      • Added to the game. Fall from the skies, releasing a sacred nova upon reaching the ground.


      • Plant umbral bombs, which detonate after a short time.

Arrows Rain

      • Fixed damage being way too low and increased rate of fire.
      • Added a cooldown time.
      • Rate of fire is now displayed in the tooltip.

Rain of Fire

      • Decreased the effectiveness of the cooldown time reduction rune.
      • Decreased damage.
      • Increased resource transfer time.

Fire Ball

      • Slightly decreased the explosion radius.

Brutal Strike

      • Fixed the harassment rune reducing the spell’s rage cost.


      • Fixed damage computation.

Seismic Rift

      • Fixed damage computation.
      • Fixed the high damage given by the exponential blast rune.

Umbral Blast

      • Fixed the reduced umbra cost rune not decreasing the umbra cost of the spell.

Lightning Strike

      • Decreased the rate of fire bonus given by the Discharge rune.


    • Increased damage.


      • Increased the Umbra cost reduction given by Spellcaster to 10%.
      • Increased the spell casting speed bonus given by Chain Cast to 10%.


      • Increased the strength bonus given by Physical Preparation to 10%.
      • Increased the strength bonus given by Benediction to 10%.
      • Decreased the healing factor given by Instant Blessing to 6%.


      • Increased the dexterity bonus given by Steady Aim.
      • Increased the duration of the head hunter passive bonus.


    • Umbra Reshaping has been reworked for a better compatibility with Elemental Storms : Damage from other types (Umbra, Sacred, Shadow) should now trigger Storms of the right Element.
    • Decreased the damage output of elemental storms.
    • Ardent stacks can be added only once per second to prevent abuse.

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