Wrath of Sarisel: Localization hotfix 1.2.8

Community translation: Deutsch

Hello everyone!

We're applying a small hotfix today to correct Mark of Impurity increasing creatures resistance instead of reducing them, and mostly update several languages:

Portuguese BR

This language is now available in the language selection. Many thanks to Felipe Vianna and JonasJTG for all their work on this language. If you have any feedback to make on the localization, don't hesitate to ping them on Discord or use this topic on the Official website.


All the content should now be translated for the French version. Don't hesitate to give your feedback on this dedicated topic on the Official Website. Know that we're planning to make a global quality pass on this version for the release.


CoTTo provided us with a new update for German localization as well. Thanks!


Although the Spanish language is not yet available in the language selection menu, the file has been updated thanks to Ashok and Ldtime's great work and you can play Wolcen in Spanish starting now, or wait next week when we implement it in the language selection menu.

If you want to play Wolcen in Spanish starting now, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Go to your localization file in C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWolcenlocalization (by default)
  2. Delete the french_xml.pak file
  3. Change "spanish_xml.pak" file's name into "french_xml.pak"
  4. When you launch the game, to to the language selection menu and select French.

That's it!

Hopefully, we might be able to update Content Patch 2 next week with Hungarian and Polish, providing our dear translators(kamilgajda86, lostprophet, and Noriaa) manage to finish it until then :)

Thank you for your support and many thanks to our wonderful community members contributing in localizing Wolcen in so many languages!

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