Wrath of Sarisel: Patch Note 1.2.0

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  • All attributes, Active and Passive points have been reset.
  • Character chests have been wiped.
  • Items in your character inventory will be rerolled to include all the new affixes.
  • Players can now trade items, gold and primordial affinity using the trade window. By right-clicking on another character's portrait and choosing "Send a trade request", you’ll request a trade with that player. Characters need to be close to each other in order to trade.
  • Skill-cancelling(Animation cancel) by movement has been added to the game in order to improve character reaction.
  • Added area modifiers: you can now add area modifiers to Alexander Ivakin’s Expedition area, which will increase difficulty and rewards.
  • Added Wrath of Sarisel to Alexander Ivakin’s Expeditions: cumulate 4 alterations on an Expedition area to have the possibility to activate the Wrath of Sarisel using Primordial Affinity.
  • Added 3 types of Altars that randomly appear in the campaign and in Expeditions:
    - Shrines that gives a buff upon defeating a wave of enemies.
    - Shrines that add the possibility to add a new random area modifier to the area.
    - Cursed chest that gives loot after defeating enemies.
  • The balancing has been completely reviewed.


  • The Gate of Fates has a new, cleaner look.
  • In order to teleport on another character, you can use right-click on his portrait and select “Teleport to” or left click on his portrait.


  • In multiplayer settings, the other characters now have a ground indicator around them that helps visualize their position. The indicator can be toggled on and off in the gameplay settings.
  • In Multiplayer, the other characters now have their health bar displayed at all times. Allies health bars can be disabled in the gameplay settings.


  • The size of the game has been reduced by 3GB.
  • Loading times have been improved.
  • Fixed various crashes.


  • Untainted Halfbreeds spawn for the Wrath of Sarisel challenge use a new dynamic system that has been added for them. This will be refined over time.


  • Reworked how weapon permanent VFX and trails are selected, depending on local affixes and value ranges.
  • Added a VFX and on-screen message whenever a skill levels up.


  • New tiles have been added to the random forest environment.
  • Destructible items from all areas now contain gold.
  • Added a new system to bring variety in the placement of dynamic entities such as destructible, chests and altars.


  • Fixed an issue in matchmaking causing players to be dispatched to non-optimal regions of the world.


  • Added a volume slider in the options to control cutscenes audio.
  • Fixed an issue related to how footsteps sound scale with movement speed.
  • Added Cult of Souls Fanatic voice.
  • Added Wild Bear footsteps and improved his attack sounds.
  • Added Destructible natural Rock and Treetrunk sounds.
  • Added Explosive Barrel fuse and lightning variant sounds.
  • Added Trapper bomb fuse sound.
  • Improved Tear of Etheliel Summon, trail and impact sounds.
  • Redesigned Melee Blade swing sounds and improved animation timing.


  • Rage and Willpower gained with combo attacks are now given per attack instead of per hit. This will help with balancing resource generation, as attacks that could hit many enemies would generate resources too easily. The resource gained has been balanced accordingly.
  • The aggro system has been added: all kinds of attacks are taken into account but some skills generate more threat than others. The distance is also taken into account: if you're far from the creatures, you'll have less chance to attract its attention compared to someone who is close to the creature.
  • Rage generation on hit is now included in weapons attributes, and is not a character attribute anymore.
  • Nemesis system: when a character is killed by a creature in the Sarisel challenge, the creature who made the last blow becomes stronger and all his life is regenerated. Players cannot resurrect until the Nemesis has been slain.
  • Reworked how status ailments stack. The stacking timer is now reset each time a stack is applied, allowing for easier ailment building.
  • Changed the calculation and effect of item rarity bonus. Magic Find doesn't increase magic items drop rate anymore, only rare and legendary items.
  • Toughness attribute has been reviewed so it's no longer mandatory to survive, but characters using toughness will still be more resistant.


Act I final Boss:

  • HP reduced by 40% for all phases (HP multiplier: 4 -> 2.5).
  • Phase 1:
    - The assassins summoned have 33% less HP and deal 50% less damage.
    - Inexorable Advance spell is disabled.
    - The damage of his Charge is increased by 80%.
    - The damage of his default melee attack is doubled.
    - The number of underlings spawned at once is doubled (2-> 4).
  • Phase 2:
    - The damage of Shotgun combo is reduced by 40%.
  • Phase 3:
    - The damage of Explosive Leap is reduced by 40%.
    - The damage of the final wave after the explosions is reduced by 25%.


  • HP reduced by 45%
  • Modification also applied to the Sadistic Thug elite:
    - The damage of his Whirlwind attack is increased by 50%.
    - The damage of his Axe Throw is reduced by 50%.
    - The damage of his Leap is reduced by 25%.


  • HP reduced by 40%.
  • Modification also applied to the Demon of Souls elite:
    - The banshee scream attack no longer freezes on hit.
    - The spectral teleport damage is reduced.
    - The spectral teleport range is reduced.
    - The spectral teleport indicator's duration is increased.
    - The first hit of the default attack combo now freezes the target for 0.5 seconds.


  • HP reduced by 40%.
  • The fire areas randomly spawning during the battle are removed.
  • Modification also applied to the Alpha svriir elite:
    - The damage of its default melee attack is reduced by 30%.
    - The damage of its jump attack is reduced by 30%.


  • HP reduced by 45%.
  • Shadowstrike:
    - Number of attacks reduced (3->4).
    - Damage reduced by 30%.
    - Indicator timer duration increased (1-> 1.2).


  • HP reduced by 33%.

Primordial Guardian:

  • HP increased by 50%

New Monsters:

  • 3 Untainted Halfbreeds have been added. They can only be faced in Expedition mode using Primordial Affinity to modify the area (the option is available when 4 modifiers are already added).
  • The Untainted Halfbreeds use a new damage type, which targets the character's lowest resistance.
  • The enemies density in Story mode has been reduced.
  • Mandates, Expeditions, and Sarisel challenges monsters are now picked in only one family of creatures instead of all of them.


  • Added 12 new Unique items.
  • Added a new tier of armor and weapon.
  • Items tooltips have been reworked for a better understanding.
  • Magic effects that had a negative value to have a positive effect on the character such a Stamina Regeneration bonus, Cooldown reduction, etc. should now only have positive values. Their formula has been changed.
  • Local affixes have been added to items. Local affixes only affect the attributes of the object when it is being used, as opposed to global affixes which affect your character at any time.
  • Added new affixes available anywhere such as “Stamina points”, “Transfer time reduction”, and more...
  • Added new affixes available only in Wrath of Sarisel challenge(currently). These affixes are available for weapons and accessories, they can allow you to cast specific spells, for instance, add pierce to projectiles, and more... The goal is to open more possibilities for builds.
  • Added the first implicit values on items: in addition to basic attributes, you will be able to find move speed or health regeneration frequency for example.
  • Staves now generate more Willpower.
  • Character weapons now properly disappear when they are being locked in an enemy's animation.
  • Fixed an issue with item comparator tooltip when buying items.
  • Fixed an issue with inventory highlights not resetting after selling an item.


  • Expedition rewards have been modified to better take character level offset into account.
  • You can now access Area modifiers in Expeditions.
  • You can now launch a Wrath of Sarisel challenge in Expeditions if you activate at least 4 modifiers.
  • The number of creatures necessary to finish an Expedition or a Mandate has been drastically increased.


  • Added Bladestorm melee skill and 8 modifiers.
  • Added Warpath melee skill and 8 modifiers.
  • Added Wrath of Baäphet melee skill and 8 modifiers.
  • Added ‘Avenger’ Autoturret ranged skill and 9 modifiers.
  • Added Gunslinger’s Brand ranged skill and 9 modifiers.
  • More information on the new skills and their modifiers can be found on this announcement
  • Sovereign Shout now generates threat.
  • Active Skill Modifier points are now given with each level of the skill. The rune cost has been balanced accordingly.
  • Skills passive bonuses per level have been reworked and are now displayed in the ASM window.
  • Fixed an issue causing some enemies to go out of the screen when using Leap-style skills.
  • Fixed an issue causing Bleeding Edge to deal 0 damage sometimes.


  • New links have been added in the first ring of the Gate of Fates.
  • Retaliator node now also diminishes critical chance score.


  • Shaded (Shadow Damage Ailment) is now called Cursed.
  • Quality pass on gameplay descriptions, lore texts, and tooltips.
  • Text for new features and items.

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Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

Category: Announcements

When do you release it?

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

Should I be able to patch already? When I try enter the game it says update available and suggests me to restart in order to download it but it just says the same message everytime.

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

Should I be able to patch already? When I try enter the game it says update available and suggests me to restart in order to download it but it just says the same message everytime.

Munadello Original Comment

same problem for me too :(

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

The servers are currently down, we're pushing the patch :) We will make another announcement when it's live!

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

Nice Nice Nice!!! (come on steam give us the patch on your freakin valve servers)

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

What? Give up from level cap to level 90 !!! And nothing? So I'm really very disappointed !!!!

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

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