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I play mostly as a Mage type of character. My build for defense as a Mage of centered of Force Shield simply because as a Mage, it makes more sense. I know that this is a classless game but i don't think building an archetype which fills the role of a character without a strong body but has a strong mind which can have a barrier (Force Shield) to protect itself should be viable. At level 75, I have built at least 120K and 30k HP, with 1.5K in all resistances, but Bosses can still one shot me at level 115. I think Boss damages should be reworked or adjusted wherein not having a very tanky build of a very high All Resistance build is always the way to go. I mean Force Shields should at least give some sort of passive defense/resistance aside from its Force Shield value, I mean it's a barrier in all senses. Bruiser Armors are inclined to have high HP due to its HP recovery stats, Rogue Armors have passive dodge, Heavy Armors have all resistance, all of these work better than Sorcerer Armors which only have Force Shields recovery from health globes wherein you need to waste passive skill points to have the 4% Health Globe drop and Health Globe pick-up in 15m.

Also, the devs can add additional Crowd Controls such as Silence to disable Mage types in using Spells or Disarm to disable Battle types in using Attack Skills which can motivate the players to be creative in battling the Boss not just facing them mano-a-mano and will see who gets killed first (this is also potential for PVP). As well as giving Bosses temporary Immunity to all Crowd Controls and Ailments right after the expiration of the previous Crowd Controls/Ailments. Lastly, improve the AI of the Bosses wherein they change their pattern of attacks during battles, moreover, add an Enraged mode wherein at lower HP they change color and become bigger and more powerful, has Permanent Immunity, faster (move-speed), Relentless, have additional skills (maybe healing or life leech) and Additional Boss perks such as explosions or whatever is still available, instead of just having millions and millions of HP.

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Created: 11 months, 2 weeks ago

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force shield doeasnt use resistances, so with 30k hp ure one-shooted.

Created: 11 months, 2 weeks ago

force shield doeasnt use resistances, so with 30k hp ure one-shooted.

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How did you find THIS out?! Did you read it somewhere or test it out, because this is exactly the kind of essential information that I love to know, but games tend to leave out.

Created: 11 months, 2 weeks ago

some1 told me he asked many times devs about this, and they admitted what i wrote, but im not 100% sure about it.

Created: 11 months, 1 week ago

rogue armor gives move speed, not passive dodge. yes, it makes no sense given the focuses of the passive tree

Created: 10 months, 2 weeks ago

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