Justicar of the Republic

So maybe it is just me, but these enemies seem way to hard to kill compared to both regular enemies and other champion monsters. They have a tons of health and armor, a bit of a force shield, a bucket of damage mitigation and deal a reasonable amount of damage. I cleared a messege board map with them and each on took as long as all of the other monsters combined. That doesn't seem like a good balance, and really kills any sort of pace I had clearing through a map. Edric himself was similarly crazy strong, but he is at least an end act boss.

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Yees for sure. There are 3-4 Types of Enemies who are real difficulty enemies. The Justicar, what can we say... its a Justicar of the Republic, also there is a giant electric robotron who is real stron too, and the witch who sink into the floor and come up to pois you down.

Without these special types of Monsters it will get boring, cause you can play with closed eyes. But in everey dungeon you find special monsters for what you need focus. Your own strategy.

I hope Wolcen Studio will suprise us with new challenging Monster with future content, so that every corner of a dungeon may can be our last step, if we dont care!

Created: 1 week, 1 day ago

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