HellStorm Mage v2.0 25M one hit crits xD

HellStorm mage comeback even more powerfull!
(update: In Plague Burst skill remove point from Biohazarda and add in Rapid Onset)


Skill Tree
Go finish 1st Ring, then 2nd, 3rd is up to you but get Salvatory Anchor and don't go for Elementary Destabilization until you have over 100k force shield.

Few days ago i get Maelstrom belt and decided to play a little with it. It turns out it's pretty nice. Thanks to Consuming Embers instant cast you can apply buff to any skill you cast.

You could improve on this build or focus more on Consuming Embers with Wintry Hail passive but that is story for another time...

If you watch video it may look like it's nothing special and i know that everything with trial belt is OP but this build is also OP and reason why is when you look at hp of boss as sometime in split of a second goes down by 25M hp.

The reason for this is something that for long time people considered bad but now is OP which is Elementary destabilization passive. If you have high crit chance + elemental bonus+ bonus to elemental from meelstorm belt and over way 100k force shield (got 145k) then you can crit on boss for 25M hp every 5 seconds!!!

I expect this dmg to go even higher as of right now i can still put skill point in Unstablle Climate passive to increase even more this ridiculous dmg.

HAVE FUN https://ibb.co/9Vz9XXy (not many buffs on cuz it's hard to take a pic when it procc xD)

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The reason for this is obvious.

The added damage from Elementary Destabilization is numerical.

This game has so many +% damage adds that any numeric add to base damage is going to be much more effective than another +100%, +1000%, +10,000% damage.

When you're sitting at nearly +1k% damage from stats alone, a numeric add from your HP or Force Shield of 145k is 1.6M non-crit damage.

This game needs a damage overhaul badly...and it's coming.

We can only hope the devs realize how much more important flat/base numeric damage adds are to their game and make an attempt to change that. Dropping total percentages and boosting base numbers would help. Also, damage nodes in passive trees need to add a base values instead of a measly '+1%+, ++5%+, '+10%' boosts they give now.

They're changing +% values to multiplicative from different sources, much like The Division works, but that won't be enough.

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In what ratio do you need to put points to attributes in this build?

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I did full Ferocity because you have Salvatory Anchor, Dire Juncture and Purifiers Will which reduce dmg u get greatly but if you are bit squishy go for 2:1 ratio.
2 : Ferocity / 1 Toughness

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Thank you C: New player here and i want to start a character which i can level up going for a build from the get go, and this looks fun

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The maelstorm belt is just giving you normal % dmg that disapear in your 1k% damage. It's easy to test, it's really insignificant.

Then to test this node, go in adept, near a trash mob, and cast your spells in the opposite direction to just trigger Elementary Destabilization. You'll do 400 damage or smth like that.
Now go in 187, same thing near the final boss, and boom your suddenly doing at least 16M without any buff.
Do the same thing without a 10K flat FS chest you got in your previous tests and you'll do the exact same damage.

Do this near a trash and a boss in 187, and you'll do millions on the boss and just thousands on the trash.

It's just buggued, instead of being based on your max hp/FS it is based on the enemy max hp. And if you want to build on that I advise you to use Thundershock + arctic spear. The first one has the highest casting speed of the game and the second one doesn't have an animation at all, so it's perfect to trigger this effect, even though the arctic spear should alone destroy everything... lel

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Maybe is bugged maybe there is something we don't know. I put points in it after balance patch mainly not for dmg but for willpower recovery just to make it more fluid. Huge dmg on boss from ED was nice discovery. Melstorm belt is not bad by itself and it's mainly there for theme purpose.

When it comes to my build i said it somwhere already that i did finish 189/untainted without this belt and ED passive. It just took 1 min longer to kill boss so even if it gets "Fixed" my build will still work. There is a lot of synergy in with skills and passives so if they change it just put 2 skill points somwhere else.

Tbh i don't feel bad about it at all since for months people were using OP bleeding edge, or hp globes build that do ridiculous dmg with any garbage you put on your char.

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I did some testing with ED, took off The Trial to get rid of the corpse explosion that obliterates the boss and to my surprise my highest damage was still like 40M, so yeah, ED is kind of a big deal during boss fights. It does seem to calculate with enemy HP as it didn't completely erase trash and I have 92K HP and 0 FS

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Hi Everyone,

The Elementary Destabilization node indeed scales with the monster's HP instead of the player's.
This has been reported to our QA team, thank you all for your testing and feedback!

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Hi Everyone,

The Elementary Destabilization node indeed scales with the monster's HP instead of the player's.
This has been reported to our QA team, thank you all for your testing and feedback!

Yuzu [Wolcen] Original Comment

Since you guys are about fixing stuff will trial belt get nerfed, as well as health globes and Maelstrom belt get buff since it actually require from player something to get benefit? Would be nice if life steal would always work not like when you get killed by boss revive do dmg to boss and nothing happends.

Seriously it's a joke that you can make any random skill build and it will work just because trial belt is op as fck.

/Just as i'm at it whole salavatory Anchor for anything that is not all dmg resist suck a big D + all of the nodes that give force shield delay decrease could see minor buff.

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