Bloodtrail and returning player


i would like to know if i can access bloodtrail endgame with my old characters ? i was thinking to create a new one to test the story so i need to know if i redo the same class or if i can change.

thank you !

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Created: 1 year ago

Category: Gameplay

Hey there!

Only characters created in the Bloodtrail mode can access the Bloodtrail content. Legacy (Standard) characters, unfortunately, can not. To be sure which kind your old characters are, you can check beneath 'Game Mode' when you have selected a character. Older Legacy characters will have 'Standard', while Bloodtrail characters will show 'Chronicle'.

Online characters can not be changed from one mode to another, however offline characters can be edited to change mode if desired.

Created: 1 year ago

Thank you !

I will create another mage then :D

Created: 1 year ago

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