Let's meet with David Brevik this Sunday!

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Hello everyone!

As mentioned in the latest Patch Notes, since we're all practicing social distancing, we'd like to invite you to our live stream this Sunday 22nd of March at 1 PM (PST) with Wolcen stream with the creator of Diablo, David Brevik, as a special guest!

Joe Barhoum (Geeks WorldWide CEO), and Daniel Dolui (Wolcen CEO) will also be joining on the Geeks WorldWide channel on Twitch for this very special event.

Our team also continues to work on Patch, we’ve published a list of known issues today that you can already check out. We’re also planning to implement a part of the new tier of the existing Unique items. These items will be available starting level 65 and they are meant to be viable for the end-game content!

We’re also modifying a bit Eclipse by adding a stun to its basic effects. Therefore, the associated modifier “Unseelie Gale” will extend the stun duration instead of allowing the spell to stun targets in the next patch.

Thank you for your support, take care, and see you on Sunday!


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Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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I hope David will be joining the team to help iron out a few of the kinks, looking forward to this stream on Sunday.

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Nice, fingers crossed to hear good and new things for wolcen's future.

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

All you need it's here:

Planning very well league with exclusive features:

  • For each level beggining at 60 on wolcen league offer stronger itens with affixes 5-35% boost. Just offer them on league. So all players will get motivated to drop them for non league characters.

  • Just on league all players will have a new whole fate of wheel circle - to earn more wheel of fate points you need to profit 166-189 expeditions point instead level.

  • Add a rare item which allow to transfer one item affix for other or to swap one item affix with other.

  • Thunderblade Zalahir NPC offer a lot of stuff and craft system to level up. This new act you want to do make it a second main city. So add the Zalahir NPC brother with all new stuff and craft system since level 1. So we will have 2 cities to level archives, seekers, laboratory, instillator etc. You can add new features to craft new stuff in this new city. They will not share the same level. So a lot of profit and fun is warranted.

  • At end game it delay too much to progress on power sensation in the game. Allow 70+ players earn enforcement wheel of fate points from 1 to 90 again accumulating points. So we can spend them on the same wheel points we spent and to improve them by 5-10%.

  • Give character little status boosts for each project started and finished with Zalahir NPC. So this way you motivate people to finish all projects to get some little status forever to improve the character or the skills effects.

  • Give tasks to accomplish where you decrease rage to willpower transfer time until 10-30%. Because mages can't survive with no spell.

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Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

i just have a simple change in mind, can you add dyes for shields? the colors dont really suit the whole armor theme since no dyes can be applied...

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I only really want to fix this Black screen problem.. #dayXwithouthPlaying..

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Is it possible to see this later on or get a summary hence some people might not had the time to watch, me including. Thanks

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

It was a nice stream. Maybe you should repeat it. And consider to talk with twitch to allow one new skin loot be redeemed by twitch prime loot. This way all twitch users will see a free advertice from the game. And players which already have the game will get a nice skin. Thanks.

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Is it possible to see this later on or get a summary hence some people might not had the time to watch, me including. Thanks

Zeus87 Original Comment

It's available on twitch:

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

hope david collabored and give you tips and good bas for making wolcen the most epic HnS , and why not beat D4 and poe2 or equal

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I just ask you to release a bug improvement update, because I can't stand having the game closed during the game and having to reopen all the time..
I know it's hard, but for now that's all I ask :)

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I only really want to fix this Black screen problem.. #dayXwithouthPlaying..

elminister Original Comment

try validating your files, putting wolcen on an SSD, re installing, and try turning off things like shadow effects. experiment with your settings.

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

This game will be dead soon the bugs are annoying and way to many

Created: 3 months, 3 weeks ago

"This game will be dead soon"
> This game isn't going anywhere.

Bugs that need to be prioritized...

  1. Please, oh please, fix enemies spawning off of or under the map. This is by far the worst bug right now. Especially when you're doing missions where you need to kill all of the champion type enemies on a map and you can't even get to some of them. Since there's no way to just cancel the mission you have no choice but to return to the main menu then start a new game. This seems to happen much more often on certain maps. All you have to do is play through the endgame for a while and you'll encounter a lot of this.

  2. Fix indicators on the map disappearing. For instance, Zeitgeist will often show up on maps in end game but with no vendor icon at all. Also, by far the most annoying with this is when you're doing a mission where you need to kill champion type enemies and the indicators to show you where they are aren't there. This happens a lot and seems to happen more on certain map types for whatever reason.

  3. Get one or more developers or QA people to go through the passive skill tree skill by skill and make sure each skill is doing what it's supposed to be and that each skill is described properly. For instance: the "Take All Challengers" node says "2m Range for enemies to be considered Nearby". But it's parent node "Bestial Frenzy" says "+4% Damage for each Nearby enemy within 4m range". Shouldn't that be "+2m Range for enemies to be considered Nearby"? Note the plus sign to indicate an addition of 2m. The way it's currently worded has me questioning whether or not that node is even doing what it's supposed to. Is it reducing the range to 2m, which would be less effective? There are a number of problems like this in the skill tree. This stuff needs to be sorted out.

  4. Fix the bug where when you die on an expedition and return to town your character disappears and your weapon floats in the air and you can't do anything. Have to quit game and re-create. I've noticed this happen every time if I have bleeding edge active when I die. When I return to town it's still active but as soon as it goes inactive my character gets in to that state. There are likely other skills / states on the character that cause this but that seems to be the most likely cause for me and might lead you in the right direction towards fixing that.

  5. This isn't so much a specific bug that needs to be fixed as it's just a general thing you should be doing. The bugs forum on here is packed with good information on legitimate issues in the game that people have found and need to be fixed (I've reported several there myself). I know that half of the comments on there are just people whining and not actually reporting bugs, but the other half is legitimate stuff that needs to be logged somewhere and eventually fixed. I'd recommend that you have someone go through that forum thread by thread and identify and log the legitimate bugs that have been reported there that you're possibly not currently tracking in your internal bug tracking system. You may also want to reply to each one once that's done, acknowledging that it has been recorded internally and will be addressed (based on priority) in the future (communicate with your player base). I've read through there myself and there's some really great info in there.

Also a few things which are more just gameplay quality things rather than actual bugs...

  1. The variety of uniques on zeitgeist, especially endgame, is bad. Zeitgeist seems to have a way better chance of presenting extremely low level uniques like 95% of the time. Seeing how rare it is to even come across them in the first place it would be nice to see some better stuff on there once in a while (especially during endgame). I've actually seen the exact same sword (Vulcain Steel) show up on Zeitgeist 4 times in a row once. Whatever code controls the randomization needs to be improved.

  2. Uniques in endgame are quite weak. There are only a handful that really give any kind of useful stuff (mostly rings and certain pieces of armor). The weapons are just horribly underpowered compared to legendaries, which seems ridiculous considering the chances of having a unique drop is way less than having a legendary drop. They also can't be socketed which means that you're going to always be dealing more damage with lesser grade items no matter what. The stats on the unique weapons are just really poorly thought out right now. I found a level 77 Envy's Denial the other day, it does 99 damage one handed, can't socket. Are you kidding me? Even with the unique stats on it it's completely useless. Any rare one hander that I find is better. Uniques don't feel the way they should in this game at all.

  3. When resetting skills, it shouldn't clear the active skills by default. It should allow you to remove and allocate skills individually by default and have a clear button to clear the skill tree if that's what the player wants to do.

Great game but needs a lot of love, I hope you guys can get this stuff sorted out soon enough.

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Created: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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