Wolcen Blood Trail

Welcome to Patch 1.1.0: Bloodtrail. Today we share with you the first of a long line of Chronicles, bringing improvements and additions to the game. Ready to Hunt? Start a new character and discover a unique event, new features, and rewards!

6 months after the events at Crimson Keep, Stormfall has received reports of possible drake sightings. Ilthain and Ondar, knights of the Order of Oshara, have come to investigate, believing it may be related to the disappearance of their Dragon Matriarch…

Chronicle I: Bloodtrail

A new Game Mode has been added: Chronicles. This Game Mode allows you to play with a new character in a completely fresh economy, and access the Chronicle seasonal events during the campaign and in the endgame.

Let the hunt begin

Examine the trace your Prey left behind and follow its trail… Each type of Prey has a specific behavior and modifiers.

Whether you hunt humans, beasts, or occult forces, the nature of the events and the Prey will change.

Customize your encounter

On your way, you will find Altars allowing you to make various choices that will either impact your final encounter with your Prey or challenge you immediately with a brand new set of secondary objectives.

Face your Prey

At the end of the trail, your Prey awaits, ready to fight! Defeat it to loot items with new powerful affixes: Tributary Affixes, and obtain a new currency: Hunt Trophies.

A new friend

What would a hunter be without their faithful friend? Pets will help you during the hunt by showing you the direction of the trail if you lose your way, and loot items that are too far for you.

Kickstarter Rewards

Kickstarter backers pets and armors have been added! Check the FAQ to see how you can claim your rewards!

Champion of Stormfall content and rewards

The Champion of Stormfall endgame of the Chronicle will also contain Bloodtrail mechanics alongside new events and rewards.

Chronicle narrative events

Three narrative events fully voiced with cutscenes, dynamic scenes, and a new Boss fight have been added to the endgame content. Work with Ilthain from the Order of Oshara to find clues on the whereabouts of the Dragon Matriarch.

New endgame buildings

Two new endgame buildings have been added in Stormfall to give you access to Bloodtrail narrative missions and dashing new cosmetic armors!

Defeating The Chronicle Boss

Defeating the Chronicle Boss for the first time in the Chronicle Missions will also give you adorable baby dragon pets from various colors. And defeating the challenging Uber version of this Boss will give you armored dragon pets!

Chronicle Rewards

Completing the 3 narrative missions of the Chronicle will reward you with a unique armor model for the male and female characters!

Endgame New Vendor

Access a new vendor in Stormfall: Quartermaster Havar. He will allow you to use your Hunt Trophies and obtain Bloodtrail specific items with Tributary Affixes.

Build Customization

More options will be available for players to customize their game style and experiment with various builds.

Active Skills improvements

The Active Skill Modifiers system has been redesigned to separate Damage Type Modifiers from Skill Enhancement Modifiers. New icons have been added for all Damage Type Modifiers to reflect your skill damage choice in your skill bar.

New Modifiers

More than 80 new Damage Type modifiers for Active Skills have been added. Since Damage Type Modifiers and primary Modifiers are now separated, we’ve also added more than 40 new minor Skill Modifiers to keep 16 choices for all Skills in the primary Modifier window.

Gate of fates

More than 120 new nodes have been added in the Gate of Fates and new links have been added between sections for more freedom. We’ve also added the possibility to reset your points individually, and a search function in the Gate of Fates!

A New powerful Skill

Talon Shot is a new Rogue and Ranger skill allowing you to launch a Frost piercing projectile that explodes when you use a secondary trigger. The skill comes with 16 Modifiers and has 3 Damage Type variations (Physical, Lightning, Shadow).

Other improvements

Gameplay localization enhancement, new uniques, new Champion of Stormfall building to restore merchant stocks, and more...

Gameplay Improvement

The balancing has been completely revamped for this Chronicle and we reevaluated the impact of players’ choices to make them more meaningful.

Balancing values overhaul

Health and Damage values have been scaled down for players and monsters to reach more reasonable numbers.

The global difficulty of the game remains the same in Normal difficulty.

More impactful bonuses

Bonuses to damage from Gate of Fates nodes, items, and Skill Modifiers are more impactful, improving your build customization.

Weapon Damage as a base

All skills base damage will now take into consideration your Weapon Damage whether you use spells or attacks, including Summons

Dual Wielding bonuses

Dual wielding will now provide you with a bonus, depending on the weapons you use.

And more...

Bows have been improved, the Character Sheet has been reworked, and new monsters have been added in the game for more diversity!

Wolcen Foundation Improvements

We wanted to enhance Wolcen’s experience by adding more areas, major UI improvements, and improve combat dynamics and diversity.

New environments

Discover four new environments to explore during the campaign and in the endgame: Lucan's Talons Encampment, the Garadalug Bowels, the Sunken Lands, and Crimson Keep’s Eastern Tower.

Crafting improvement

Crafting has been drastically improved with a new UI, giving players more control and understanding of the outcome of their craft.

Loot filter

We’ve added a loot filter to allow you to sort items on the ground! Each item will also have a mention to its armor type when they are dropped.

New monster skills

Enemies's Champion Artificial Intelligence has been improved. They can now quickly react to damaging areas of effect, and escape with a dodge skill.

And more...

Male and Female player combos’ and a few skills animations have been redone to improve players’ experience, VFX have also been improved. Important information has been added to the User Interface such as the number of summons you currently have, map modifiers, ailment count on creatures, new items highlighted in your inventory… And left-click rebind!

Twitch Drop campaign

Follow our Twitch partners following the release of Bloodtrail to drop a unique pet: the Time-Devourer Wolf. The event starts on December 3 at 6 PM UTC and ends on December 7 at 11 PM UTC. Check the FAQ to follow the required steps to be eligible and our list of partners.